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A little theme inspiration…


A fun and popular new tradition with weddings is to create a theme based on a favorite genre of television or movies, or perhaps even a favorite game. The trend of having a themed wedding typically makes that couple’s wedding stand out and usually gets everyone involved, from the wedding party right down to the guests. You have plenty of pastimes, hobbies and activities you like, so try to choose something you both enjoy and have a passion for. There are many couples who choose to have a medieval themed wedding, a Science Fiction themed wedding, or even one based on a favorite book like Harry Potter or Twilight. It’s important that both of you agree on your theme and focus on a genre you both enjoy.

Seasonal Themed Wedding

A great idea for a themed wedding is to make it based on the season it’s taking place in. For example, you could have a spring themed wedding filled with Tulips and Daffodil flowers to celebrate the warmer months, or you could plan for a summer wedding with picnics and warm colours surrounding you. A fall wedding could include coloured leaves and an autumn feast of heavier foods. If your wedding is in the winter, you could incorporate Christmas or the New Year into the theme.

Hobby Inspired Themes

Everyone has interests and hobbies so why not make a hobby inspired wedding; especially if you both have the same interests. It can be any hobby you enjoy from model car building, cooking, or reading to music creation. You can take pieces of your hobby, like making a buffet of your favourite foods or having guests dress in their favourite book characters like Sherlock Holmes or Harry Potter and decorate your venue like the pages of a book.

Sports Themed Wedding

If you and your fiancé are both sports enthusiasts, then why not have a sports themed wedding? You could highlight rugby, football or polo. You could have your guest dress as their favourite players and bring sports oriented gifts. You could have party favours and finger-foods of bite-sized footballs or play sports inspired games.

Fantasy Themed Wedding

If you are into fantasy or Sci-Fi like Doctor Who for example, you could create a fantasy or Sc-Fi inspired wedding. If you choose the fantasy route, have your guests dress as characters from Camelot or medieval times and serve your dinner with no cutlery – the same as the days of old. If you are more into Science Fiction, then have aliens sitting on each table greeting guests, or place your own Tardis for guests to check out and enjoy. The point of a themed wedding is to incorporate both of your interests into your special day. If you decide to go with a themed wedding, make sure everyone is comfortable with it and will play along.


So many colorful choices…..


Pink is the colour of universal love and is one of the post popular wedding theme colours. It complements many other colours such as beige, brown, greens, blue and ivory.

Purple is the colour of good judgment. Whether it’s a vibrantly fragrant lavender bouquet or a royal purple sash around the bride’s waits, purple encapsulates purer elegance.

Blue is calming, the colour of inspiration, sincerity and spirituality. As there are many shades of blue it is very versatile and perfect to incorporate in a beach wedding.

Ivory is for brides seeking purity, minimalism and clean lines – without losing warmth. Ivory complements a brined with a fair complexion and works well with all other colours including prints for the modern bridesmaid!

Red is the warmest of colours and represents passion and romance.  Red is for the dramatic, artistic and festive-season brides who want to inject warmth and personality into their weddings.

White means purity, wholeness and completion. White works perfectly for a beach wedding in an exotic location. White is recommended for brides with an olive complexion, as it is a beautiful contrast. Most importantly remember to have fun with your colour scheme! Keep in mind that you can customize your colours to suit your personality and can add crystals, feathers and rib boning detail to really make it special and unique on the day.

 A quick on the day themed checklist

Bridal Wear Inspiration

Bridal Wear
Depending on your theme, you might think it will be difficult to find bridal wear for your wedding party. If you have chosen a Goth wedding for example, you most likely can find suitable wear at a costume shop or even piece together elegant formal wear from thrift stores. The same is true of medieval themed or superhero themed weddings; you might find some fantastic 1950s or 1920s styled clothing as well.

It may be possible to find a lot of what you need for decoration purposes at costume stores as well. Many party stores carry not only costumes, but accessories and decorations to help enhance the ambiance of the event. Rental companies often have great prices on pieces you can use to decorate your reception hall or wedding venue; or you may have friends or family members who can help create something by design.

The Wedding Feast
The wedding menu should follow the theme as much as possible. If you have chosen a futuristic theme, try to devise a menu that aliens or people hundreds of years in the future might eat; the same goes with if you choose a theme from the distant past. You will have to research foods that were typical of weddings or even every day fare if you would like to be as authentic as possible.A themed wedding can be fun and adventurous, and it doesn’t have to be hard to plan and put together. If you take the time to research your chosen theme you can also put your own imagination and creativity into your day.

It’s party Time! Play that funk themed music….

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The theme of the wedding should be maintained even with the ceremony music. Don’t feel that you have to go classical because that’s the way it’s done. If you’re having the ceremony in the church, you’ll have to check what’s allowed and what’s not.

In most cases, they won’t have issues if you play hymns – even if it is a different melody from the norm. Whatever piece you choose, make sure to get a copy of the band’s take on the song so your wedding party can practice walking up the aisle to it.

Do Your Homework

Choosing songs for your ceremony could be quite a task. Speak with one of our talented agents to run through a few songs in order to make a selection based on your musical choices.

Song Selections
You’ll need music for different parts of the ceremony. If you’re using the band throughout the ceremony, here are the parts of the ceremony that you’ll need to designate songs for:

Guests assembly:

You can probably rely on the musicians to choose songs to keep the guests entertained while they wait on the bride. This should be light background music. 

Bride’s entrance:

This is usually a short song to get the bride from the door to the altar. It must be bright and upbeat, not gloomy.


For a church wedding, you might have hymns throughout the service. Choose songs that are easy for anyone to sing, but they should also be songs that are meaningful for you.

Bride and groom exit:

The song chosen should be one that’s long enough for the bride, groom, wedding party and other guests to exit the venue. The song you choose should be based on your preference.

That’s all folks. From the Earcandy team we hope this has giving you some magical inspiration for your wedding theme. We love comments so please feel free to add yours below or you can get in touch with us here. Before you go check out one of our bands in actions.

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We wish you an amazing wedding! May it be everything you have wished for.

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