What do the latest COVID restrictions mean for my wedding reception?

Written 14-06-2021
Updated 18-06-2021

We will update this article as more information is released by the government.


Today, Boris Johnson announced that although there will be a delay to the June 21st restrictions  being lifted, there will be an exemption made to weddings. 

If you are getting married between 21st of June to the 19th of  July, here is how your wedding may be affected.


How many wedding guests will I be allowed?


This depends on the size of your venue. The number of guests allowed depends on how many guests your venue can accommodate at a "socially distanced" capacity. This will be down to your venue to decide on how they can function as a COVID-secure location.

If you are holding a wedding in a private setting - such as a garden - you need to complete a risk assessment to determine how many guests you can host safely.


Level two restriction area - up to 50
Level one - up to 100
Level zero - up to 200

The maximum number of people depends on the size of the venue based on if they can accommodate social distancing. 


Wedding receptions can be in venues for up to 30 people indoors (outdoor limit set by Covid-risk assessment of venue). They cannot take place in private homes or gardens.


Further Guidance on Wedding Receptions in England

Fantastic news for many couples has led to a bit of confusion over how the evening reception may be affected. 

Find our guide below that sets out in plain English what you can and can't do at your wedding reception based government guidance.


Will music be allowed?

Music is absolutely allowed at your wedding, both inside and outside - as long as it follows government guidance.

What Entertainment Am I Allowed?

You are allowed any type of entertainment at your wedding. 

Is Dancing Banned?

Dancing is not banned inside or outside. 

Inside, the dancefloor must remain closed, however the first dance for the couple is allowed. Dancing inside is advised against, but if any dancing does take place, aside from the first dance, it must take place with masks. 

Outdoors, wedding dancing is not banned, so it is allowed at the discretion of your venue, but your venue must ensure reasonable steps are taken to ensure a COVID safe environment.

Please work with your venue to ensure government guidance is adhered to.

If you do decide to have dancing, please try to ensure that you keep dancing safe and sensible, and in the spirit of ensuring a safe environment; we all want to demonstrate that the industry can open up safely, and we all want our guests to be safe.

What counts as an "outdoor" venue?

According to the gov.uk website, "Outdoor venues may be partially sheltered, such as marquees, but cannot be enclosed or substantially enclosed. For example, at least 50% of the wall area of the marquee must be open for it to be considered outdoors."

How can my band perform outside?

There are other considerations if you want your band to perform outside compared with booking inside.

If your band is performing outside, we strongly recommend booking a qualified sound engineer. If you have booked via Earcandy, most bands include a sound engineer. 

If you haven't booked your band via Earcandy, you can get in touch with us to arrange a sound engineer to check your venue so that your band can perform outside successfully. 


How can I make my wedding more COVID safe?

If you'd like to make your wedding more covid-safe, we recommend the following steps:

1. Lateral flow tests

you may wish to suggest that your guests consider taking a lateral flow test prior to attending the wedding. 

They will be able to obtain these for free here: https://www.gov.uk/order-coronavirus-rapid-lateral-flow-tests

2. PA systems

The government website advises couples to make use of PA systems to amplify speeches. You may wish to speak with your venue to see if they have these facilities. 

If they do not, you can contact us for a quote for this service.

3. Avoid communal singing

Your live band or DJ should not do things to encourage communal singing, for example "call and response". If you have a band that is not booked via Earcandy, it is a good idea to discuss with them how to manage this.

To find out about availability with Earcandy musicians, live bands and DJs, don't hesitate to contact our team of Entertainment Coordinators on:

Call: (+44) 0800 230 0889 or Email: enquiries@earcandylive.co.uk


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