What to wear to a wedding

A wedding is a special occasion, however; depending on the venue, theme and the guests, you might want to review your planned outfit for the day. Arriving under or over-dressed can be quite an embarrassment and no-one wants to feel like they should have paid better attention to the wedding theme.

It’s not every day that most of us get all dressed to the nines for an event, so picking the right outfit can be a treacherous task that can leave you more confused and bewildered than the bride on the morning of the wedding. Looking great for the wedding pictures is a must and you will stand out like a sore thumb if you aren’t dressed for it.

The bride, groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen are not the only ones that need to look smart and sharp on the wedding day, so we put together this list of four themes to consider before planning your outfit for the big day, there is something for any occasion, so pick which one you think will work for the wedding and then plan your style around it.


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The traditional formal wedding

If you wedding invitation has the words, “formal, traditional or black tie” on it, then you have been invited to attend a formal wedding. This means that you require a formal dress code, for the gents, a suit with a tie is a must if the wedding invite states “Black tie optional” this means that a tuxedo is also optional if you feel like going all-out.

For the ladies, a cocktail dress or formal gown will be the perfect attire for the day. An important point to remember is to keep your gown or dress traditional and not flashy, you don’t want to distract from the bride on her big day! Choose your colours wisely and stick to neutral colours such as grey or black.

Black or white tie weddings

Black and white tie themes have always been closely associated with formal proceedings and occasions. Chances are if the wedding has been planned with this theme, then the bride and groom should give you advance notice of this, in order to keep everyone on point and dressed in the right attire.

The ladies should be wearing a full-length ball gown with colours once again leading to the neutral palette, accompanied by lavish jewellery of the finest tastes such as gold and diamonds. Your hairstyle should be a sophisticated styling, most choose a style that is tied or swept up and, of course, your makeup should be gorgeous.

For the men, it’s time to break out the tuxedo, or at least rent one if you don’t own one. Remember the bowtie and keep everything black and white. A button up vest on the inside of the jacket is a nice formal touch and your shoes should be black leather and polished well. Other sophisticated items are a good pair of cufflinks on a double cuffed shirt and a dress watch to round out your outfit, to really go the extra mile; get some white gloves as well.


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The semi-formal wedding

This is the go-between for most couples that want their friends and family to feel comfortable at the ceremony and reception. For the guys, wear a suit; a tie isn’t necessary, just make sure that you have a shirt with a nice collar underneath your jacket.

For the ladies, a cocktail dress is also a great idea and you can let the colours go a bit more and make things a bit brighter. Makeup and hair should also have a theme to it that looks more like going to the office than going out for drinks.

The formal beach wedding

While this title may sound like a complete oxymoron, beach weddings can also be formal events.

A nice summer linen suit with no tie for the gents and a summer dress that’s around knee-length for the ladies. A pair of dress sandals is a nice touch and keep your hair and makeup as neutral as possible.

The biggest tip for the beach formal wedding is to dress in ANYTHING but white, this is reserved for the bride alone, so choose your colours wisely and land on something neutral like a beige or cream.

The final thought

So, there we have the most popular wedding themes and how you should dress to impress. The wedding photos will leave memories for a lifetime with the friends and family of the bride and groom, so make sure that you dress the part correctly and look good for those pictures!


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